How to Reverse Type 2 Diabetes Naturally

How to reverse Type 2 diabetes naturally
How to reverse Type 2 diabetes naturally

Type 2 diabetes is a chronic condition that results from the body's inability to produce enough insulin or respond to the insulin it does make. This can lead to life-threatening complications such as heart disease, blindness, kidney damage, and loss of limb circulation.

Causes of Type 2 diabetes

Unlike diabetes, type 2 diabetes is not caused by a lack of insulin. Type 2 diabetes is actually the result of an inability of the body to use insulin properly.

The primary problem lies in a person's inability to make and use adequate amounts of insulin or their cells' resistance to this insulin. This inability is associated with most factors that cause type 2 diabetes, such as weight gain, hereditary reasons, low-grade fluctuations in blood sugar levels, and changes in meal frequency.

The causes of type 2 diabetes include:

Genetic predisposition: People without a family history of diabetes can still develop the disease if they are overweight or obese, do not get enough exercise, and eat an unhealthy diet with lots of simple carbohydrates and fats.

Overweight and obesity: Weight gain causes problems by itself. It can damage the beta cells in the pancreas that produce insulin and by adding extra fat tissue that makes it harder to use glucose properly. Obesity is also linked to a hormone called cortisol, which can interfere  with insulin production.

Insulin resistance: This causes the body to stop responding to insulin, which leads to high blood-sugar levels. Insulin resistance can be caused by several factors, including overeating, lack of exercise, and genetics.

As there is no cure for type 2 diabetes yet, it is important for someone who has this disease will make an appointment with a physician to develop a lifestyle plan and learn what he or she can do to keep the disease under control.

Natural ways to reverse Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is reversible. You can control it with diet, exercise, and a few supplements. Research shows that lifestyle changes can reduce blood sugar levels by at least 50%.


Certain dietary changes can help reverse type 2 diabetes. These include:
Eating foods that are low on the glycemic index and avoiding foods that are high on the glycemic index, such as white bread, pasta, and rice.

These foods raise blood sugar levels acutely. Also, eating foods that are high in fiber and low on the glycemic index, such as legumes, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables that, have a low glycemic index. These foods stabilize blood sugar levels after they are broken down by digestive enzymes in the intestines.

Great foods to eat that are high on the glycemic index include brown rice, sweet potatoes, fruits, and vegetables. Also, eating moderately and choosing foods that are low in fat.


Exercise is also a very important part of the diet. Studies show that people who exercise have lower blood sugar levels than those who don’t. Better results are seen when the exercises are done regularly and in combination with healthy eating. You should consult your doctor before starting any exercise program if you have diabetes or any other health issue or condition.

Exercising regularly and being physically active are also important to keep blood sugar levels stable. Lowering your intake of carbohydrates can help reduce hunger pangs. Being physically active burns calories and helps lower blood sugar levels throughout the day. It is recommended to exercise for 30 minutes or more a day- five days a week.

Jogging, brisk walking, swimming, cycling, and dancing are good exercises for people with type 2 diabetes.


In addition to a healthy diet and exercise routine, it is also important to take supplements to help control blood sugar levels. For example, chromium picolinate can be taken to balance the use of insulin. Green tea can also reduce high blood sugar levels.

Supplements are a great way to help people that have diabetes keep their blood sugar levels under control. Many people who suffer from type 2 diabetes can benefit from supplements such as chromium picolinate, green tea, and omega-3 fatty acid supplements.

These nutrients are not found in food sources, so they must be taken in supplement form. Make sure to study the label and talk to your doctor before taking any pills.

  • Ingredients to look for are:
  • Chromium picolinate.
  • Green tea extract.
  • Dandelion extract.
  • Alpha lipoic acid .
  • Cinnamon extract .
  • Uva ursi (bearberry) leaf extracts.
  • Astragalus root extract.
  • Ocotillo (Fouquieria splendens) leaf and bark extacts.
  • Gymnema sylvestre (Gurmar) leaves and stem extracts.

These ingredients are available from a variety of brands. Consult a physician before using them. They can be found in many health food stores, retailers, and natural food stores.

Lower Insulin naturally

Many people have type 2 diabetes as a result of having low insulin levels, even though they have normal blood sugar levels.

Eliminating refined sugars and grains will help you control your blood sugar levels. These types of foods can be high on the glycemic index but contain little to no fiber.

Insulin, which is made in the pancreas, is the main hormone that controls glucose metabolism in the body. Insulin receptors are found mainly in fat cells, muscles, and liver cells.

Apple side vinegar: helps with balancing insulin and can help to lower blood sugar levels and reduce weight. Apple-side vinegar is a good source of pectin, which helps control blood sugar levels.

Pectin: is found in apples, bananas, carrots, and other fruits. It lowers blood sugar by slowing the absorption of carbohydrates into the bloodstream. When people eat carbohydrate-rich foods such as bread or cereals with pectin, these break down into sugars in the stomach before they reach the bloodstream.

Intermittent fasting: A weight-loss diet that consists of fasting for a few hours every day, multiple days a week, can help reduce insulin. A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association showed that people who ate during the daytime were more likely to be obese than those who ate at night.


It is important to remember that type 2 diabetes is preventable. The easiest way to prevent this condition from occurring is by making changes to your diet and exercise program, as recommended above. The best way to monitor your blood sugar levels is with a glucometer or meter.

The best way to prevent this is to get at least 30 minutes of moderate physical activity most days of the week.

Get your blood pressure down to normal. If you are experiencing high blood pressure or heart disease, you will need to work on lowering this risk through a healthy diet and exercise program. Once you have achieved these healthy changes, your chances of developing type 2 diabetes will be lower.

In conclusion, keep in mind that action can be made towards preventing type 2 diabetes; follow the recommended regimen and stay active.

Frequently asked questions

Can I reverse type 2 diabetes naturally?
Yes, it is possible to reverse type 2 diabetes naturally. Change your diet and exercise program to help you lose weight, along with taking certain supplements. You can also lower insulin levels naturally by eliminating refined sugars and grains from your diet.

Can you reverse type 2 diabetes completely?
Yes, it is possible to reverse type 2 diabetes completely. But this will take time, as well as following a healthy diet and exercise routine. You are in Type-2 diabetes remission when your blood sugar is normal.

What should I eat to reverse type 2 diabetes naturally?
The first thing you should do is eliminate refined sugars from your diet. Then you can start eating healthy and increasing your exercise routine by following a proper diet and exercise program. It is also recommended to take supplements such as chromium picolinate. These supplements help to control blood sugar and improve insulin levels, which can help reverse type 2 diabetes naturally and keep it from recurring again in the future.

Is it possible to reverse type 2 diabetes?
Yes, it is possible to reverse type 2 diabetes. By making lifestyle changes through diet and exercise, you can reverse your condition. But, you must be dedicated to making these changes and understand that reversing type 2 diabetes will take time.

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